Using Keywords

Keywords are used to help
intuit the full range of
meaning in any sign.
They are meant to be used
as a trigger to the concept
of the sign to help in "tuning in"
to its energy, and function.
Keep firmly in mind
that each mention of
 a "good" or "bad" trait or
 concept holds also
 its opposite when
 the chart  or timing setup
 triggers that side of the energy.
Each side of the coin also has
 the other implied as a reflex.
 Not necessarily in the
 same person,
nor at the same time.
Use these keywords to build
an awareness and make the
leaps in your own mind
as you learn to link meanings
and events around you.
Many fields such as medicine,
education, business, politics, science, research,
 advanced thought fields,
are now advocating
the development of intuition.
Astrology is a
key to aid in that
As with any keyword information
keep in mind that we all have
a mixture of signs as part of our being and personality. If you do not recognize the things mentioned here as part of the person you know, you might being seeing another part of the horoscope, like the moon sign, the ascendant sign or even the rulers of those signs and the signs they are in. Keywords are not an explanation of a person but an aspect that relates to a sign and the sign associations.