Past Lives Report for
Adriana Hollander by Bernie Ashman



The Astrological Charts
Adriana Hollander
Jun 17, 1954
00:45:00 AM BZT +03:00
São Paulo, BRZ
046W37'00" 23S32'00"


Welcome to your Past Life report. Whereas the birthchart is a symbolic road map describing your current life, the Past Lives chart is a blueprint of your previous incarnations. The pages that follow will help shed some light on themes related to your past life instincts. First, let's talk about reincarnation which is the belief that the current incarnation (as depicted by our birthchart) is linked to the lives that we have previously led. This collection of past influences points to particular experiences you might encounter again so that you can further your growth and fully develop your creative potential. These past impressions go far in shaping many of our current thoughts and choices. There are certain gifts a person seems to possess right out of the womb! It's as though destiny or fate leads one to realize these attributes. Of course, we still have to show ambition and make the effort in order to keep our dreams alive. This report may give confirmation to talents that you already know you have or open your eyes to ones that you have yet to discover.
Our past lives are alive and well in our consciousness. This may already be apparent to you. But on the other hand, these experiences can lie beyond the threshold of our conscious mind's awareness. What is doing the remembering, if our mind isn't? Call it your soul, higher consciousness or whatever explanation feels right to you.
Have you ever heard about karma, that great law of cause and effect? An old timeless saying sums up the whole process: "You reap what you sow." There are actions and thoughts that defined us in other lives, or have guided us to where we are in the present. They don't really exert any control over us. We have freedom of choice. That's a strong message to remember when reading this report.
Also, don't panic if you read something that says you were not a perfect person. Nobody is in the current one! Use the report as a learning tool. The idea is to keep developing and evolving. It's balancing the cosmic rhythm of past and present that presents each of us with a challenge. Do we respond positively or negatively? With hope or doubt? Many of our tendencies are linked to previous incarnations. Certain patterns have likely been by our side over many lifetimes. As we grow and expand our awareness, it becomes very possible to step beyond the trappings of past life baggage.
No doubt you will read various sections that seem to contradict each other. Each could be true about you. It's important to realize that many different dimensions of ourselves live within us. Each of us is composed of memories from so many past lives, combined with an assortment of ways we have learned to deal with reality in this life, that make us complex beings. See which descriptions ring true to you as you read through the following pages. You will notice some traits described have a repeating theme.
I hope you find this report an enjoyable ride into your past life instincts and thought patterns. They are somewhere in your consciousness. Perhaps some of what you read will strike a familiar chord. After all, these pages are all about your past life loves, creative pursuits,



adventures, travels, highs and lows, over many lifetimes. Happy navigating!
The Past Life Chart Structure
Some technical explanations about the Past Life chart (if you detest technical discussions, then skip this paragraph and jump right into the report!). The Ascendant in this chart starts with the sign on the cusp of the 12th house, instead of the traditional method of using the sign on the 1st house cusp, which is the sign rising on the eastern horizon at the time of birth. Also, the Past Life birthchart houses are counted clockwise, rather than the conventional way of counterclockwise. In other words, since the 12th house becomes the Ascendant, the sign on the cusp of the 11th house now begins the 2nd house, etc., around the chart wheel. What is considered the Ascendant or 1st house in the traditional chart becomes the 12th in the Past Life chart. Your planets remain in the same sign placements, but now occupy different houses, in this new chart. The planets in signs are interpreted in your report from a past lives perspective. Something interesting to consider in thinking of the houses in a clockwise direction, they are actually now moving in the same direction as the Nodes of the Moon. As you will read in the report the Moon's nodes are strong past life or karmic points in a chart. Their retrograde motion is clockwise meaning they share the same life biorhythms as the houses of the Past Life chart. By traveling backward, or clockwise, through the houses, you are being regressed back into a past life analysis. Enjoy your ride down memory filled lanes!



The Passport
In this section are the first, middle and last names of your Past Lives astrological identity, the Sun, Moon, and Past Lives Ascendant. Each of these three building blocks will be discussed as to how they actively shaped many of your former lives. But before you meet these three key players, you will start your tour through memory lane with the North Node of the Moon. The North Node contains a special message about what was your overall life purpose. It was a constant rhythm pulsating in your consciousness to keep you on target toward your true purposes. It was a celestial compass trying to guide you to walk your talk with greater clarity. So sit back, and enjoy reading your past lives primer.
Node in Capricorn
You had a history of taking the roles you assumed quite seriously. One of your key impulses was determining what was worth your time and commitment. Your soul was normally quite sober about reincarnating knowing the work ahead would take great determination. The archetypal theme for your destiny was to be a leader. A crucial lesson was to remember to delegate. You usually attracted responsibility easily so needed to be careful in not trying to do everything yourself. Being more inclusive took a load off of your shoulders.
If you grew too dependent on others, you had just as many problems. Then again, when you made the time for closeness, you were more fulfilled. A trickster was in becoming your own emotional island, hidden away from others. Usually this led to loneliness and feeling empty, no matter how great the outer success. Finding a way to balance the drive to climb the career ladder with having a happy home was a key to the city of happiness. Another way to say this was staying clear about self-reliance and showing you needed someone. You eventually valued a home as a sanctuary. Becoming recognized for accomplishments was a big deal. You grew through meeting individuals that encouraged you to go beyond your fears and letting them really get to know you. Also, it was when you encountered a job that challenged your inner strength that a little voice within tried to guide you with reassurance to the finish line.
Node in 3rd house
What types of activities did you participate in that furthered your soul growth? It most definitely was anything or anyone that stimulated your mind. If you got too scattered there was a bit of frustration in trying to concentrate. A common concern was "how can I reach the depths of my learning ability?" When you took the time to seek expansive enough life interests, you managed to stay out of karma's way. What sorts of experiences motivated you? A big one was communication! Following right behind it was an insatiable drive to be educated, whether traditionally or unconventionally. Being a net-worker or broadcaster of a message was another theme. Your energy levels peaked when finding a diversified lifestyle that constantly breathed in refreshing new information. Growing too one-dimensional is what deflated the air out of your balloon. Keeping your eyes on a broad perspective with an eclectic panache is what brought out a free-spiritedness. When you sought to share your knowledge openly this kept you on track as



much as embracing a too narrow belief system was derailing. Somewhere always hiding in the caverns of your memory banks were highly perceptive instincts mixed with a tinge of not really wanting to be limited by reality. When using this wisely and insightfully, life was colored with great variety, never stopping long enough to be bored.
Sun: Creativity, Ego, Self-expression
Sun in Gemini:
The sign of Gemini the twins lighted the late-spring astrological skies at your birth into this life. Let's explore what significance this had in regard to your past lives. In traditional astrology the keyword phrase for Gemini is "I think". Another being "I perceive". You had a pattern that placed a great emphasis on being free to speak your ideas. Your mind worked fast in previous incarnations.
Archetypes for Gemini include the teacher, advisor and writer. Notice the emphasis on communication. Speaking and learning were next to godliness. You traveled to the Four Corners of the earth to satisfy an undying thirst for knowledge. You found power in being the first to discover a new vein of information. You not only brought and reported the news, on numerous occasions you were the news!
The cosmic principle at work through many of your incarnations was to restlessly express your intellect. You enjoyed a flexible nature that spontaneously moved north, south, east or west when the spirit moved you. Being told there was one way of doing something got you upset. You found ego strength through allowing your perceptions to guide you to those paths filled with excitement and fresh air. A loss of inspiration was what you feared the most. Without this, you couldn't move, like a bird trying to fly without wings. You were meant to soar high above the crowd to let everyone else know what was before them. You came into this life solarized through a sign promoting unique perception. This was a theme that ran throughout your incarnations and held the key to self-mastery. It was when you trusted your capacity to figure your way out of any dilemma that this energy was operating at its optimum beauty.
Sun in 10th house
You had solar power plus, pouring into your professional and leadership roles in past lives. Attracting responsibility was a strong pattern. Defining yourself clearly was an innate drive. Working with the public occurred often. Your creative vitality became energized when your ability was recognized. A steady and persistent effort took you far. You had a fine reputation for being committed to doing a good job. Pride in taking on difficult challenges was shown. Being a good manager of time came in handy.
If there was a challenge it was being a workaholic and becoming too controlling. You weren't the best at delegating. People loving you wished you made the same time for them you made for work. Also, you could become very demanding. When you learned how to more tactfully ask for what you needed, you got better results. Learning how to play was good for your health and relationships. The leader and entrepreneur shined brightly through you. People commonly referred to you as a take charge type. Getting too attached to success and failure was a trap. You suffered depressions when you had severe setbacks. The embarrassment of losing



was too much to handle. You had to find the strength to move forward and see all was not necessarily lost. Adaptability and flexibility helped. Your self-expression was very focused. A pragmatic mind-set guided you to mostly bet on sure things. You found fulfillment through celebrating time-tested commitments.
Moon: Sense of Security, Roots, Feelings
Moon in Capricorn:
You were lunarized at birth through the sign of Capricorn. What does this say about your past life tendencies? An instinctual desire to trust the safety of structure as a means to success followed you from one incarnation to another. The family ancestries in past lives were linked by a serious acceptance of responsibility and ambitious drives.
Your inner landscapes were colored by a hard-working nature. Fear was the stumbling block that got in your way. When you conquered self-doubt just enough to break free, you found your true paths. You could be quite reserved, even shy, until getting to know someone. It's possible that you felt younger as you became older! You were a reliable sort. Some may have found you a little strict. The less control you exhibited, the closer loved ones came to you. You enjoyed solitude as the atmosphere spoke to your soul. You rose into leadership positions because people trusted you. You reached the top of a profession through steady patience. Delayed gratification was not that hard for you. Being too conservative when it came to taking a risk did cost you an opportunity or two. Depression was a challenge. It was important that you didn't make your work your whole life. Another strong theme was leadership. Your subconscious called to you to stay clear of becoming rigid, and let the voice of your intuition speak as loudly as your pragmatic side.
Moon in 4th house
You had intuitive power when it came to survival in past lives. A sixth sense for knowing how to preserve your sense of well being was highly developed. You instinctually knew how to time a change so that it would give you a greater sense of security. It wasn't that you relished giving up what you had, especially if you liked your lifestyle, only that you wanted to be ready to ride out any potential upheavals. Part of you always feared the worst in order to be able to accept the harshest reality. Family concerns played a major role. First and foremost, you loved feeling needed! Being a caretaker or nurturer was a role in which you were often cast. Home was something you treated as sacred ground. You had territorial needs that had to be respected by others. Your loyalty to those you loved was a stabilizing factor. Your moods were a barometer of your feelings. Turbulent emotions could find you vacillating from smiles to frowns quickly. An inner feeling to break free from the expectations of those from your past did surface occasionally. Dealing with controlling authority figures was usually when this tendency was the strongest. You repeatedly lived in locations offering comfort, safety and by all means, privacy.
Ascendant: Persona, Identity, Calling Card



Pisces on Ascendant:
With the sign Pisces as your past lives Ascendant, a strong idealistic spirit colored your past incarnations. Your intuitive side ranged from being highly refined to being fogged by emotional confusion. You were at your best when listening to that inner voice that knew right from wrong, the truth from untruth. Guilt was a problem. It drove you to extreme escapism. You had a pattern of feeling things very personally. Extreme sensitivity produced great creative energies but did find you emotionally unpredictable. Knowing your boundaries was essential. The love you sought to find had to stay realistic. When you realized there were no perfect people, life became more relaxed and grounded. You wore many different masks. Finding the people that accepted you the way you were made you very happy. You gazed out at the world through rose-colored glasses, sometimes finding only fantasy, but at other times connecting with wonderful realities. A vivid imagination adorned many of your lives. You were attached to your ideals. At times they even caused you discontent. But in the end they defined you!
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The Quest
Mercury: Communication, Perceptions and Logic
Mercury in Cancer
You were Mercurialized at birth through the sign of Cancer pointing to security-oriented mental impulses in past lives. Being emotional, and at times secretive, was your communication style.
You exercised patience in listening to others. However, if you sensed a change was needed to secure your lifestyle, you did move fast and furious. You initiated actions when your brain sent signals that it was time to put a plan to work. You were careful about how your home was organized. This was one place you needed order to ensure peace of mind.
Family was valued. You showed great loyalty to those you loved. Moods occasionally disrupted your thinking. You found power in overcoming past wounds and disappointments. Your nurturing side caused people to depend on you. It was important that you knew when to draw the line as far as letting others fend for themselves. Your mental outlook in previous incarnations was brighter when you perceived how to find the intimacy you desired, and when you became comfortable with your introspective nature.
Mercury in 9th house
Your perceptions moved expansively, snowballing, as you became more excited about the future. Life was a series of adventures in your perspective. You eagerly looked out at the world, in search of new terrain to travel. Your mind was restless and full of senseless wonder. A student of life your were. Teaching what you knew became a favorite pastime. Education helped fulfill many of your dreams. Foreign places and people stimulated you to think in bigger ways. You grew tired of routines quickly. People didn't admire a tendency in you to lack concentration. Communication excited you. Sharing ideas with others got you to think more creatively. Your beliefs were strong. When not so dogmatic people liked you more. You were not one to usually lose sleep over the details. You had a nose for the big things and had a great sense of direction. Though you did need to watch out for becoming too scattered and overconfident. Situations better be growth promoting if they wanted you to stay. Maintaining a positive attitude was a must.
Venus: Relationships, Values, Comfort.
Venus in Cancer
With the love goddess adorning you through the sign of Cancer at birth, you came from past lives where you desired emotionally fulfilling relationships. Many people perceived you as symbolizing inner strength. You had a quiet intensity featuring intuitive power. Your social instincts were shaded with a hue of proceeding cautiously and with a tendency to protect your privacy. Spending time alone refueled your energy levels.
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The ideal soul mate was someone not bothered by your moods and with a similar need to establish a strong home base. You were attracted to lovers that showed they really cared and could at least express a little feeling. When you became comfortable with a person, you expressed yourself quite openly. You tended to be loyal to loved ones. When you didn't trust a person, you pulled faraway. Betrayal was an area you didn't tolerate. You didn't want to be possessed by anyone. You needed to be careful, your dependency needs stayed balanced. Home was something you valued immensely. Your romantic fulfillment depended greatly on being true to your need for intimacy and being sure to make time for self-exploration no matter the demand for your attention.
Venus in 9th house
You were adventurous when interacting socially, never really feeling you had met a stranger. There was a sense of wonder about you, causing people to think you a dreamer. You did venture beyond safe home borders to test the waters of the unknown. You were a positive force in relationships, igniting others to act on faith. Outgoing sorts attracted you as much as your friendly style brought them to you. Meeting lovers or friends through travel occurred often. Foreign lands called strongly to you. In a way you felt like a citizen that didn't really belong to one nationality or region of the world. When you found allegiance to a belief system, you professed its rights and rituals openly.
Some accused you of not following through on your promises, while you explained this as being distracted by so many roads in front of you. Your peers experienced you to be idealistic and fun. They themselves usually were spontaneous in their own right if they had hopes of keeping up with you. Friends usually had a similar philosophical outlook or at least could tolerate the differences. Delayed gratification wasn't your first impulse. You needed to watch out for investing heavily on get rich schemes, sometimes winning, sometimes losing. You could be generous to a fault. A balanced perspective regarding limits had to be learned. You were attached to freedom. When individuals acknowledged your need to roam you felt valued. Helping those you loved achieve greater self-confidence meant a lot to you.
Mars: Assertion, Courage, Identity
Mars in Capricorn
What would a warrior planet in the earthy sign of Capricorn mean regarding past lives? You were scared to lack ambition, which found you making yourself take on new challenges. Fear of failure was a battle. However, you had a strong follow through when you were finally convinced that you had the right stuff to do the job. Your initiating impulse was to look first and make sure you wouldn't be rushing into a mistake. However, you could become a type "A" personality when you found the avenues that excited you. A competitive streak came alive when seeing a clear path to success. You were willing to fight adversaries to outdo them in the professional arena. You did display a reserved nature. When you let go once in a while to spontaneity, lovers and friends were delighted. Being rigid made you seem cold to others. Your warmth came across when relaxing into experiences.
Your identity was very tied to the roles you chose. Career and work were taken too
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seriously. You fought with authority figures when not respecting their judgment. As a leader you could be quite demanding. Anger presented you with a dilemma. It made you feel like you were losing control to show your displeasure openly and passionately. Yet you felt better when letting out your true feelings. Relationships took less out of you when you talked directly and with a listening ear. When you moved with openness to new options and with flexibility, you were a happier soul.
Mars in 3rd house
You took initiative when it came to learning the shortest way to get something accomplished. Your adrenaline started pumping when you got the chance to discuss your favorite subjects. A competitive side was exhibited when your ideas were challenged. Fighting to defend a position was a repeating theme. You weren't going to back down easily from an argument. What made you become territorial? When people thought they could dictate what your options would be. This was like putting a match to gasoline. Education and travel excited you as long as they fit into what you viewed as interesting. Your words had a fiery way in capturing the attention of others.
Impatience in listening did make it difficult to communicate with those closest to you. Pushing your views didn't always make for popularity. Your courage to put your thoughts openly on the table for all to see was a motivating force. Assertiveness was a greater impulse when you felt intense about an issue near and dear to you. Anger was displayed when you perceived that someone was not paying attention to you. Though you didn't like getting angry because it made you nervous.
Jupiter: Knowledge, Expansion, Philosophy, Travel
Jupiter in Cancer
Having Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, in the sign of Cancer indicates you were enthusiastic about moving to other locations and eventually settling into a family life. Much of the knowledge you gained was through everyday exchanges with people. You were an intuitive type. A quiet listener was more your style, that is, until you blossomed into a tower of mental strength. You chose to expand your potential through sometimes moving to more opportunistic regions or in finding the right allies that would support your needs. A positive attitude you found quite beneficial when you were searching for clarity in determining your future goals. Luck came through when you weren't afraid of change. Showing the confidence to move ahead with choices attracted the right people and resources. Travel was a way to process the past and to find the inspiration to climb over obstacles in your path. A nomadic ancestry was linked to many of your incarnations. When maintaining a broad perspective you developed the eyes to see a bigger picture unfolding in front of you, one that could contain your own aspirations along with those of your loved ones. If you didn't change course too quickly, life was more rewarding. Jupiter in 9th house
A positive and enterprising outlook influenced you to seek expansive truths that kept the door open to a never-ending search for adventure. All roads led to Rome was a mantra. You Copyright 2003 Matrix Software - Not for Resale



tended to bite off more than you could chew. Promising too much in the form of overconfidence occurred. The urge to see life from various perspectives caused you to delay in concentrating on any one path. Spontaneity was a life force in your eyes. You had definite opinions about right and wrong. You were likeable when not judgmental. Writing and speaking were powerful tools in your hands. Preaching what you believed either won you approval or met with considerable resistance by those disagreeing. Travel for pleasure or learning, were equally enjoyed. You liked becoming intoxicated by the people and scenery of distant places. People became energized by your innocent enthusiasm. You feared growing old in mind, more than you worried about the physical. Luck smiled favorably upon you when you were willing to act on your beliefs. Good fortune came through not blindly following in other's footsteps, and in not losing sight of the trees by concentrating too much on the forest.
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The Journey
Saturn: Ambition, Seriousness, Focus, Responsibility
Saturn in Scorpio
Ambition came through you powerfully, says your past lives history, with Saturn placed in the intense sign of Scorpio. This was in reality true after you thoroughly investigated the various potentials you possessed. Discipline was the natural outcome in being willing to make a commitment to whatever you were trying to master. Summoning the strength from within sometimes miraculously occurred when you needed it the most. Your greatest fear was failing to be a success. When you became clear this was mostly due to your worry over disappointing others, you found a renewed sense of freedom. In other words, your fear lessened because you chose to pursue your own dreams.
A karmic shadow was to either utilize extreme force to get your own way, or to run completely away from your power. A clear sense of empowerment brought an incredible rebirth and fulfillment. You often defined yourself through professions that allowed you to reach self-mastery, and as someone unwilling to retreat from a challenge.
Saturn in 6th house
What was your main focus? There were a few! They were diet, health, and work. You had to develop discipline in these areas. You consistently asked at crucial points during an incarnation: how can I become more efficient? Being organized gave you a sense of control. Rigidity related to being too critical of self, or others, sometimes produced karmic woes. The antidote was greater flexibility in this area, that is, when you were determined not to repeat the same old lessons needing to be learned. You could have delegated better. If not overly picky, people liked you more. Dead-end jobs dulled your mind. Service-oriented occupations tended to bring out your best. You were skillful in being detailed.
A shadow was self-doubt. It sometimes caused you depression. Clear definition in how to solve problems was what you liked. You had to pace yourself to avoid burnout. Also, taking yourself less seriously proved valuable. A major redefining regularly occurred during lifetimes associated with a positive attitude. Seeing the cup as half full rather than half empty helped. Wisdom came through knowing what truly could be changed and what was best left alone.
Uranus: Individuality, Goals, Uniqueness, Freedom
Uranus in Cancer
You had a tendency to react emotionally about future goals, indicates having Uranus in the sign Cancer. Your mind did switch to fast forward when you sensed how to preserve your sense of security. Emotional roller coaster rides are what bothered you the most. Sometimes you purposely disrupted your own comfort zones just for the heck of it. Then again, you enjoyed a home providing peace of mind.
Inventiveness found roots in your intuition. You found that new ideas came when you had
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time for private contemplation. It was important where you lived. You launched refreshing perceptions when living in a locale rightly aligned with your intellect. Maintaining a sense of direction allowed you to feel inwardly safe, and outwardly confident that you were a step away from greeting the excitement of new potentials.
Uranus in 9th house
In what way were you unconventional? It was in the area of your highest beliefs. Your mind didn't care for limits, which got you into trouble now and then. You had futuristic vision when it came to sensing opportunities in greener pastures that allowed you to reinvent yourself. Restlessness needed to be channeled productively. Your goals were many and quite elaborate. The challenge was in knowing which to follow and when. A sense of direction changed as often as an unpredictable tornado, aligning itself with whatever was currently running through your mind. Your interests were numerous and eventually you tried to narrow the field. You were eclectic for the most part. Argumentative as well. Freedom was defined by you as spontaneity. You didn't like your ideas to be questioned. You tended to rebel against limited minds and against those trying to impede your personal progress. Your ideals were sacred possessions that you didn't like infringed upon. You didn't like to look back at the past as it interfered with your momentum. You didn't find compromise something that came easily. Also, you fought the thinking of someone else if it wasn't congruent with your own. You sometimes became judgmental or preachy if you thought your own truths better than that of everyone else. You were inventive when developing an expansive plan that gave you a chance to incorporate all of your ability.
Neptune: Idealism, Romanticism, Intuition, Dreams, Escapism Neptune in Libra
You believed in ideals that symbolized fairness and justice for all. Your idealism was awakened through the individuals believing in you, and the ones you admired. Talents in the arts were shown in several lives. You liked individuals possessing diplomacy and tact. Stress annoyed you if lasting too long. Denying there was any problems never resolved anything. Romance was a great calling. Love was almost a religion. You liked exotic partners and those willing to move quickly in an atmosphere of celebration. Falling in love with a lack of reality testing was not in your best interest.
A major challenge was in defining the boundaries between you and others. Guilt made you feel too responsible for a person's troubles. Wearing rose colored glasses painted false first impressions of individuals, letting you see what only you chose to perceive. There were times when you could see right into the soul of someone. When you were honest with yourself, you gravitated to the right peers and lovers. You wanted from the deepest part of your soul to get opportunities to express your gifts and to find a special someone that recognized the true you. You found transcendental growth through not trying to overly please others, and by having the faith to proceed ahead with your most determined effort.
Neptune in 6th house
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In what way were you extra intuitive? It was in regard to learning new skills and self-improvement in general. You had high standards about efficiency, but didn't always have clearly defined paths for getting organized. You became mesmerized when watching others excel in what you desired to learn. The healing arts held a special place in your heart, as did a devotional life. Diet and health became special interests in some lives. Your idealism inspired you to follow certain causes.
A test was learning how to select what was worth your sacrifice of time, energy and at times wealth. The boundary between common sense and wearing "strawberry fields" colored glasses was not usually very thick. Rolling up your sleeves to take on a difficult project came when feeling the inspiration of your beliefs. Your spirituality kept you mentally centered and strong. What was the biggest challenge? Without a doubt, perfection! It plagued you when trying to defy reasonable expectations. You were happier if not expecting the impossible. You were driven to escapism if not modifying your standards. Faith transformed your denial of reality into a more balanced expression. You searched for a purpose that helped you walk without guilt, and strengthened your resolve to accept life's ups and downs.
Pluto: Personal Power, Self-mastery, Rebirth, Loss, Passion
Pluto in Leo
Empowering yourself through creative risk-taking was a past lives tendency. A strong drive to make your plans ring true was forever pulsating through you. Finding pride through giving birth to ideas was a regular pattern. Cheering and promoting emanated from you loudly. You shined brightly with charisma when your accomplishments were recognized. Your enthusiasm often swept people into believing in you. Growing too attached to what you loved was an occasional downfall. Maintaining some objective distance from lovers and your creations made you easier to like.
There was a shadow. What was it? A fear of losing. When your skin toughened up enough to at least accept a small dose of rejection, you didn't suffer as much. You could fight endlessly to make others accept your proposals and deals. In the end, you had to decide which battles to wage. In some incarnations you actually lacked the confidence to be successful. Therefore, in this latter case you had to find ways to allow the talent to develop. Self-mastery was discovered through allowing authentic self-expression beam brightly from you. You found rebirth or a sense of renewal when listening to your heart, rather than the fear of your self-doubt.
Pluto in 8th house
How did you go about seeking personal empowerment? It was through knowing whom you could trust. This was a testy subject for you. Usually, you had only one true confidante in a lifetime. A renewed sense of purpose was discovered through achieving self-mastery. It was often a surprise for you to find you had untapped talent. The people you met awakened your creative power. Your survival skills instinctually became activated when you were a victim of betrayal. Forgiving others was difficult after they abused your trust. Your relationships did at times find you attracted to intense individuals that weren't exactly stabilizing. In any event, you often grew stronger after dealing with a crisis. A powerful self-examination manifested itself Copyright 2003 Matrix Software - Not for Resale



following emotional upheavals. Losing what you were attached to was quite painful. When you found a way to successfully grieve through the past, a new life awaited. A compulsive tendency to fear losing everything you owned got you to ask thought-provoking questions. A shadow frequently followed you into incarnations, an obsessive fixation on loss or death. You relaxed more into confident roles when you channeled this thought power into meaningful action. Copyright 2003 Matrix Software - Not for Resale



You have already been introduced to the ten planets. Certain planetary pairs in your chart have a special relationship to one another due to particular angular distances separating them, known as aspects. You could say the two planets in an aspect travel and interact together along the same circuit. The following aspects will be listed under five types. Two are known as the soft aspects: the sextile (60 degrees) and trine (120 degrees). These two aspects generally point to more gentle themes, and therefore will describe past life trends that went very well for you. They indicate a lower voltage of electricity and produced less friction in your mind and through your actions. The planets involved in a trine or sextile are more likely to talk about areas where you flowed without much effort.
The more hard or intense aspects are the conjunction (0 degrees), square (90 degrees) and opposition (180 degrees). They required your best understanding in past lives. Planets that are part of an intense aspect you will notice often indicate lessons that must be learned, and follow us from one incarnation into another until we get them in balance. These higher voltage aspects don't mean the planets operated negatively, only that there was much more force behind them. "Soft" does not mean good and "intense" does not imply bad. It is often the more intense aspects that deepen our soul growth, that is, if we learn how to use their power wisely. If we don't it's like taking one step forward and three back.
It might be helpful to keep some keywords in mind for the aspects. The sextile represents Excitation and Eagerness. The planets in this aspect give clues as to how their energies worked in a stimulating way through you. The trine is a special Harmony. The two planets involved show you were confident of their interacting energies. The conjunction is where two planets are joined at the hip. There is a Fusion or powerful blending of these energies. The square can reveal where you encountered Friction. Pay special attention to these aspects in particular because they denote themes that are strong past patterns. Squares ask us to resolve their conflict by finding creative outlets. The opposition requires a Balancing act. It is similar to a seesaw. Gaining objective awareness about each planet is a key. Remember, it was usually the most intense aspects that stretched you the most in past lives.
Sun oppose Moon
You found connections with people stimulating your creative drive. Perseverance and passion fueled much of your self-expression. You were a complicated person in that you could flip from extrovert to introvert, or the other way around with little warning. There was occasionally a tug of war when your own needs were not in alignment with those closest to you. Showing confidence in others was a great boost to their strength. You were not so good at being a loner. Having a family and at least one trusted confidante were highly valued. Your locality meant much to your sense of security.
Moon conjunct Mars
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You had fiery feelings. This was your way of getting yourself going. Emotional explosions proved problematic if you didn't ever try to control them. You needed strong people in your life able to handle this side of you. The fighter in you was more apt to come forward when protecting those you loved. A self-preservation instinct could get ignited if your sense of security was threatened. You didn't always express anger openly. It sometimes was a match to gasoline when someone rubbed you the wrong way. Courage came spontaneously in the midst of a great crisis. Learning patience was a must. There were times when you wished you had left confining situations sooner.
Moon oppose Jupiter
You liked people with a positive attitude. It didn't hurt if they shared your philosophical beliefs either. Others sometimes accused you of caring too much and giving unsolicited advice. Knowing your boundaries in relationships kept you from trusting the wrong individuals. This wasn't an easy lesson to learn. Travel in order to see how others lived was a thrill. Your imagination captured the minds of those looking for a broader perspective. Romance accelerated the growth of your intuition.
Sun trine Neptune
You had a belief system that got you through times of trouble. Spirituality revitalized your dreams when they lost their intensity. You did sometimes wander aimlessly or with too much starry idealism. You found focus when discovering the things in life that motivated. Creative expression had a way of lifting your spirits.
Mercury conjunct Uranus
Your mind was often out in front of many contemporaries. Sometimes you were quite proud of your brilliance. But there were many occasions when disappointment set in, because your ideas were well ahead of your reality. An inventive streak had to find numerous outlets. A fascination with new discoveries and technologies was a strong part of your past. Futuristic thoughts pulsated regularly through your brain. A nervous condition resulted if you became obsessively worried. Regaining your composure was a matter many times simply of slowing down. Anxiety came when you felt confined to conditions that were enslaving. You suddenly bolted to freedom when the spirit moved you. A rebellious tendency usually started early in life. You liked individuals not afraid to step out of the norm. You showed great insight in numerous instances.
Mercury square Neptune
You had perceptions that could pierce the veil of life's illusions, though they sometimes led you into a spider's web. This means you had potentially sharp clarity about circumstances you encountered. The flip side was denying what you really saw, leading you into utter confusion. You had a highly imaginative thought process that accelerated creative growth. Conflict scared you half the time because you didn't know how to deal directly with it. Withdrawing into silence Copyright 2003 Matrix Software - Not for Resale



was okay to regain your clarity, but served no purpose if you remained quiet. An awareness of mysterious forces was not uncommon. You could see and hear what others only dreamed about. Getting grounded was halfway to feeling contentment. The world was one huge playground to indulge your fantasy and creativity. It was learning how to accept imperfections that made you the ultimate champion. Resolving the friction between logic and fantasy was another test. Mercury oppose Node
You liked knowing individuals from many walks of life. Why? Because it helped you see the world from different perspectives. There was an interest in learning a wide variety of skills. You believed in being prepared for whatever came your way. Negativity was an Achilles heel. Your self-doubt talked you out of opportunities. When you had clear mental objectivity, you walked down many successful roads. Your ease in perceiving others was a trusty tool. There were a few people determined to create you according to their own needs. If giving into them, you did get real confused. Finding partners thinking along the same mental frequencies made life easier. The key in an incarnation to happiness was often being able to separate out the little worries from the bigger picture. When traveling somewhere in the middle, you found fulfillment. Venus square Saturn
You worked hard to maintain partnerships mainly because you feared rejection. Lovers fell under two categories. They could be very loyal and generous. Then there was the scrooge and cold group. It's no secret who made you feel the best. You had a preference for long-term commitments but only with those you trusted. Warming up to someone took time. You were reserved. But when you found a comfort zone, you were as lively as they came. People were inclined to try to control you, especially if you were willing to let them do it. Power struggles were troublesome. Diplomacy and tact did help you get through situations. You didn't give up easily on those you loved, especially if they did the same for you. Flexibility was the key to happiness in relationships and in seeking comfort.
Venus square Neptune
You expected the world to fulfill your dreams. It often did! When it didn't, you sometimes ran toward escapism. You had a romantic drive to find those lovers sharing your same dreaminess. What you didn't count on was meeting someone not able to live up to the beauty you knew was in him or her. When you did find a special soul mate, much was accomplished together. You often had the blessing of the muses in the arts. You were usually born with a special flair to intuitively be quite creative. Your emotions were tested greatly by love and the people you cared about the most. It was your faith in your values and a higher power that got you through the tough times. When you refused to look within for answers, you were miserable. Life was generous in that when you developed inner strength your ideals found expression. The trick was modifying the extremes. Maintaining a stable lifestyle was better for your physical and psychological health.
Mars oppose Jupiter
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You liked expressing your philosophy rather boldly. When teaching or sharing your experiences you became very enthusiastic. You entered relationships fast as you wanted to see immediately what someone was truly like. Sometimes you learned to slow down and get to know a person first. Patience was a real test. You liked individuals not afraid of new experiences. Your intensity was ignited through the people you knew. You didn't really like commitments because they limited your options. Though when you got focused you did have plenty of fire to put into your favorite pastimes.
Jupiter trine Saturn
Whatever ambitions you pursued, there was an inner sense that in the end it was better to be happy. You had drive, but occasionally it needed a push. People respected your commonsense approach. Your ability to broaden someone's perspective was extraordinary. Having a regular uplifting message brightened the spirits of many.
Jupiter trine Ascendant
A life was a box of chocolate's philosophy filtered through your consciousness. You didn't like to look at the bad and ugly. It was the good that you noticed. Not becoming too judgmental was a challenge. Promising too much was another thing you had to be careful about. Optimism pointed you in new directions.
Saturn trine Ascendant
You had a relaxed attitude about work. Ambition didn't rule you, nor did it completely define you. You approached commitments realistically. Responsibility didn't scare you, as long as you saw obligations as worth your time. Pacing yourself kept you from burning out. Uranus square Neptune
An inner restlessness to pursue your dreams occurred throughout some incarnations. It wasn't easy to concentrate on the present unless you had clear vision. The mental and emotional sides of you were in conflict, especially when you experienced guilt. Integrating intense emotions and a strong intellect took patience. Exerting your independence required faith when there were people standing in your way. There were occasions when you too easily sacrificed your goals and ideals to please others. Balancing your intuition with a realistic assessment of what was truly possible was the big challenge.
Uranus oppose Node
You knew that maintaining your freedom was your lifeline. If you became comfortably numb, no longer caring about your personal autonomy, something within you died. Then it took meeting a rebellious soul or having an experience awaken this side of you again. If you went to the extreme of only serving yourself, it was hard for anyone to get real close to you. There was an inventor and innovator pulsating lively inside, just waiting for the chances to be discovered. Copyright 2003 Matrix Software - Not for Resale



You didn't fit into traditional institutions unless making great adjustments. This isn't saying there were no instances when your gifts didn't benefit a mainstream society. You had trouble waiting for others to catch up to your thinking! A revolutionary spirit dominated your mind. Your gift was great vision. A shadow was lack of foresight when you moved with reckless abandonment. It took courage and insight to make this very special dimension of your consciousness work in your favor.
Neptune square Node
Your ideals had to be in alignment with your major life purposes or you were never at ease. Perfection was a driving energy. Dealing with everyday reality was tough. You needed structure but defied it. The exception being when you found the life directions that gave you inspirational focus. Irrational fears sometimes kept you from showing your ability. Developing sound reasoning powers was as essential as having the faith to pursue your dreams.
Just as the Ascendant in the Passport section that began this report was described as a sign serving a special purpose, each of the other eleven houses has a sign that helps define its meaning. What follows is a trip through each of the other past lives houses or environments to give you a view of additional characteristics. First are listed the keywords for each house.
2nd House: Comfort, values, money, ownership.
Aquarius on 2nd house:
You displayed a tendency to have independent values. Freedom of choice was essential to your happiness. Your inventiveness gave you a source of pleasure. Tapping into progressive trends was rewarding. Freedom was highly valued. Stability didn't matter to you as much as the philosophy that variety was the spice of life. You saw change as inevitable, but preferred to alter your plans on your own terms. Stubbornness was another trait. You had definite opinions on what was worth putting time and money into. Conflict with others regarding decisions occurred due to having individual, if not eccentric ideas. Fighting against calmness did disrupt the normal flow of your life. People did get upset with your unpredictability. You made yourself and others less anxiety prone when you learned to gauge the appropriate time to rebel or make those last minute revisions.
3rd House: Perceptions, learning, communication, insight.
Capricorn on 3rd house:
Sober thinking guided you. Moving spontaneously wasn't your first choice. Your brain synapses did beat to a pragmatic drum. People exhibiting clear logic made you feel more comfortable than the dreamers. Even an idealist with a solid plan could win your admiration. Negative thinking did interfere with your happiness. The lowest point resulting in depression. When you stayed reasonable in your demands of life it was less likely that you suffered for long. Adjusting to change was not easy. You needed to really be convinced that a revised plan was necessary. Although once you warmed up to a new situation you could get into the flow. Your Copyright 2003 Matrix Software - Not for Resale



commitment to a project was rock solid. Rushing you into decisions was a waste of time as it just made you resist. You communicated with a sense of organization. Controlling tendencies didn't make you a favorite of those closest to you. When you showed you could trust others, they responded with more warmth.
4th House: Home, security, nurturing, roots.
Sagittarius on 4th house:
Roots you didn't always have. A youthful and adventurous nature guided you to seek stimulating locations. You inspired those around you to think more spontaneously. Being tempted by greener pastures made stability difficult. Sometimes you acted irresponsibly due to a fear of commitments. You didn't like having your options limited. Shyness in showing your talent occurred. Gaining confidence came through getting support from those who knew your ability. Taking a leap of faith conquered overcoming your stage fright or performance anxiety. 5th House: Self-expression, creativity, confidence, romance, risk-taking.
Scorpio on 5th house:
Creative passion was expressed forcefully. Your ego bruised easily if you didn't get the recognition you were seeking. You had a tendency to hide your gifts in fearing rejection. You did live a little too near the edge when you tired of stability. You took wild risks without much forethought. You were at your best when not losing sight of whom helped you get to your milestones. You were a fighter, not surrendering until a battle or argument was hopelessly lost. Knowing when to compromise didn't come easily. Excessive drives to merriment did have detrimental consequences on your health. The closer you got to people, ego wars did sometimes come between you. You found rebirth through creative experiences. Also, when you didn't demand all of the attention, relationships stayed in balance.
6th House: Learning skills, work environment, perfection, diet, health.
Libra on 6th house:
Developing clear strategies was how you liked to proceed. Illogical individuals irritated you. You sometimes entered love not too realistically and felt stuck in confining situations. You were happiest with partners treating you as an equal. Criticism angered you quicker than anything else did. Those trying to mold you into someone else alienated you. You sometimes were indecisive about which skills to pursue. You were happiest when settling into those roles that best suited you rather than trying to do what pleased others. A preference for a lifestyle without tight deadlines fit your needs. There were few disputes in life in your eyes that couldn't be resolved. You liked people to exhibit fairness. You were angered by irrational demands. 7th House: Relationships, marriage, partnerships, social awareness.
Virgo on 7th house:
You were attracted to pragmatic partners. People with a clear sense of purpose were preferred. You did tend to be analytical about others. The sooner you realized that there were no Copyright 2003 Matrix Software - Not for Resale



perfect individuals in the world, the happier you became. When other people tried to make you into something you were not, this didn't exactly make you feel very good. Developing a sense of humor made life more flowing. You were hard to please at times, or attracted people with this same trait. Flexibility in relationships made for greater success. You did need to watch a tendency to be overly dedicated to undeserving types. When you did find the right partnerships, you could show an impeccable focus to make these relationships work.
8th House: Power, joint resources, rebirth, passion, self-mastery.
Leo on 8th house:
Joining forces with strong partners was a tendency. Maintaining your own personal power was a challenge. When you didn't try to live out your creativity through others you were happier. The wise use of authority made for fewer problems. Romantic relationships were at times fast and explosive. You did need to watch out for demanding too much attention. A tendency in knowing how to bounce back from tough challenges was shown. Rising out of the ashes of disaster or disappointments was one of your trademarks. You didn't like to lose. Being flexible proved wise. A positive mind-set brought you good fortune.
9th House: travel, learning, philosophy, knowledge, optimism.
Cancer on 9th house:
Your expectations were sometimes too high of others, meaning they disappointed you. This was when your intuition was too far out in front of your reality. Yet when people respected your highest aspirations and beliefs, they quickly found a way back into your good graces. You needed to trust in your capabilities. You found strength through being determined to see the positives in spite of the negatives.
10th House: Professions, ambition, leadership, focus, commitments.
Gemini on 10th house:
Your serious ambitions tended to not be so easily harnessed. Discipline took some work. A chance to exhibit your intellect was hard not to pursue. A tendency to perform multiple roles at once was part of your past history. Why? Perhaps a fear of boredom or simply to make ends meet. You found balance and meaning through a diversity of expressions. You took great pride in doing something well after you truly studied it. When a leader, you possessed a keen sense of the big picture. Though you didn't always want to be the boss as it took away from your private time. Your ideas were insightful and even caused controversy. You never liked to be forced into any one role. Keeping one foot in and one out of the norm, made you feel more secure. You weren't a great follower because your independent mind-set didn't fit into the plans of others. Your mental toughness took you far.
11th house: Goals, individuality, freedom, inventive, progressive, unique.
Taurus on 11th house:
You were a steady customer once you determined which direction you needed to be Copyright 2003 Matrix Software - Not for Resale



heading. You usually maintained a long-range plan even in the midst of handling the details. If there was a rub it was in being inflexible. There were times when you wished you had listened to the advice of friends trying to suggest alternatives. Developing a unique value system caused conflict with others. Personal beliefs sustained you through the tough times. Your future goals were never readily changed unless on your own terms. It was easier to finish what you started when you had clear objectives.
12th house: Idealism, intuition, escape, faith, beliefs.
Aries on 12th house:
Pursuing your dreams with enthusiasm colored past incarnations. Fighting for your ideals was an automatic response. You got into trouble by ignoring sound reality testing. Following your intuitive instincts led you to numerous adventures. You often fought to make your dreams come true. Surrendering too much of yourself to causes proved disappointing and limiting. You experienced less confusion when staying aware of the big picture. An unwillingness to rest or slow down sometimes didn't do much for your health. Retreats away from stressful conflicts recharged your mental and emotional batteries. Hiding your true needs from others caused confusion. Faith in your beliefs helped transcend tough times. You needed to exercise caution when looking for a soul mate. It's when you remained clear within yourself about whom you were, that relationships, and life in general, was more flowing.
Planets in actuality never really move backward, but can appear to do so. This is referred to as retrograde motion, and as you will read has special past life meaning surrounding a particular planet's symbolism. The following are planets that were moving retrograde at your birth with a description as to how this played out for you in other incarnations.
Mars retrograde:
It was a repeating pattern that you had a challenge in determining the ways to express your warrior nature. What does this mean? Well for starters, in lives where you were too aggressive, you had to learn how to tone down your demands. What about the lives you weren't so direct? You needed to get more outspoken. The idea was to land somewhere in the middle on the assertion scale. You were happiest when sensing how to act spontaneously, with an instinct that didn't trample over the people in front of you. Actually, maybe it's more accurate to say your friends, family and lovers were ecstatic when you had great awareness of the impact of your movements and choices. If you became too timid in behavior, you tended to get confused. People took advantage of you. If you were a fighter with no sensitivity, the battles may have been won, but sooner or later a faster or better shooter caught up with you. There was excitement in overcoming challenges. You didn't really like losing control of your anger. When you stuffed it back it did explode. Knowing this slowed down or sharpened your response time. Your impulse to initiate new directions was at its best when guided by your intuition. Your raw energy to be a creative was aroused when finding the courage to transcend the obstacles in front of you.
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Saturn retrograde:
It was a repeating pattern that you had much to learn regarding flexibility versus rigidity. These two opposites were a sore spot of contention. A tendency to get extremely focused when you enjoyed a role was a past pattern. You were happier when feeling in control of your life. Knowing when to show vulnerability and when to show a tough set of armor was wisdom indeed! Some thought you lacked ambition. What they didn't see working behind the scenes was your inner search to find professions and directions that seemed worth the effort. An inclination toward becoming a one-dimensional workaholic was a potential trap. Remembering that life was a multidimensional panorama made for happier times. There was a need to steer clear of icebergs that brought depression and feelings of rejection. Responding with courage to your commitments lessened your anxiety about them. It was in not letting fear keep you from the love and success you painfully wanted that you reached the highest of milestones.
Neptune Retrograde:
It was a repeating pattern that you needed to watch out what you asked life for. Do you know why? Because you were apt to get it! A tendency to have a strong intuitive quality was a past pattern. In some incarnations you were quite the poet, artist, entertainer or mystic. Perfection wasn't so nice to you in that divine discontent was troublesome, making it a challenge to be satisfied. When you were reasonable or grounded, life was simpler. Getting focused occurred after becoming inspired. There were times when you had premonitions of things to come. This either gave you great faith or was scary. The more you accepted your sixth sense, the easier it was to express outwardly. Another challenge was achieving discipline and utilizing reality testing. When you made a commitment not to run away from conflict, you found clarity. When letting your ideals guide you, life seemed more magical and full of inspiring symbols. Belief in a higher power sustained you through many tough challenges. Lovers were inspirational in stimulating your creativity. You liked the idea of a special someone with whom to share your dreams. Developing a spiritual understanding and a sacred place within kept you walking on the straight and narrow with great awareness, pointing you to pleasurable escapes, and kept you guilt-free.
Hopefully you have enjoyed your tour through this report. Remember that astrology's language is a great teacher. There are many other reports that you can explore.
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