her inner child

           Scorpio Rising.       Sun in Gemini        Moon in Libra 

Note the contradictions in the chart, which will generally serve as contradictions within the person, or each characteristic will express itself at different times or in different manners, or parts of the person's life or relationships.

Karenís chart has Scorpio Rising.

A Scorpio Rising child may appear intense and secretive. She probably likes to feel that she is in charge! Children with strong Scorpio placements usually respect power: rules consistently and lovingly applied. She may be super sensitive, which can be a blessing and at the same time a burden. She is likely to be extremely self-reliant. She could be creative and dynamic in her expression. Let me do it my way, Mom! If a parent can manage to keep their cool when confronted with little Scorpio's emotional intensity, they can teach her the valuable lesson of mastering her emotions, and her anger! Learning to let go of desire may be a tough lesson, best learnt as a child.
Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto. Aspects to either or both of these planets describe the child's temperament. House positions of Mars and Pluto could pinpoint areas of great importance to her.

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Karenís chart has the Sun in Gemini 

Gemini is an Air sign on the thinking cross. Its symbol is The Twins. Geminis are here, there and everywhere and come up with a thousand questions! (Record her questions in a little book and then research the answers together.) Your little Gemini was born to investigate, search, and explore. She likely seeks to communicate by all available means: talking, writing, broadcasting, learning foreign languages. Phones and walky-talkies make a big hit! Some Gemini children are chatterboxes. Others are exceptionally witty. Teach your Gemini to be still and to listen to what others have to say. All manner of transportation may catch her attention; scooters, bicycles, (note: think motorcycles when old enough, and consider Scorpio rising as well), skates, whatever, anything in which to get around! Gemini children can be into many projects at once! A skill essential to your little Gemini's future success is the ability to focus and complete the task at hand. As a little Gemini grows, parents might find ways, such as making lists, to help her order her mind and her tasks. She needs this training to develop good study habits and avoid dissipating her energy. Gemini children are born mimics. They need good role models. Discernment is advised in the selection of books and movies, since little Gemini will copy (often verbatim) what she sees and hears. Sometimes the Gemini ability to pick up quickly amounts to a high degree of impressionability. A good book is like a treasured friend to children of this double air (mind) sign. Stack up the library! The Gemini child is often the teacher's pet because she loves to read and enjoys learning a broad range of subjects. Gemini children typically like learning at a fairly brisk pace. Gemini rules writing and journalism. She might benefit by keeping a diary. Later she may be interested in working on the school paper. Working with her hands could steady her restless mind. (Sewing, painting, building with legos, washing the dishes, planting(charting, graphing, mapping, riding)) Gemini children seek variety in everything; clothes, food, books and in everyday experience. Some have trouble staying still! Needs to learn to concentrate.

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Karen has the Moon in the sign of Libra 

Libra is an Air sign on the action cross. Its symbol is The Scales. Children with the Moon is Libra are friendly. They need to have close relationships to feel happy. They seek to understand about themselves through others. Children with this placement can be very sensitive to what other people think about them. Above all, they seek to please and are capable of putting forth their best to measure up to your praise or conversely of acting out negative behaviors to please an adult or friend who somehow doesn't see the best in them. Karen needs to have a strong sense of identity apart from the opinions of others. She needs to learn to "DARE TO BE TRUE." this child is apt to be courteous, a natural charmer, with an inborn sense of refinement and graciousness. She benefits by early exposure to the social graces and feels at peace in beautiful surroundings. This child of the scales can feel unbalanced, uncomfortable, even angry in a discordant environment. She seeks peace and inner balance. She tends to compare herself to others and unless she has learned to feel good about herself may place herself at the low end of the scales!

She is apt to be giving, conciliatory, and even flattering in relationships, and able to adjust to almost any situation. Reflective, tactful, your child knows how to express understanding. The Moon in Libra child may be prone to dishonesty, sometimes to avoid confrontation or anything that would rock the boat! She could withdraw or show visible stress in a household where discord is the norm. Nevertheless, she needs to learn to stand up for herself and for truth. Stress honesty at all times in your household! Let her know if you catch her in a fib. False charm can be manipulative, a mask of hypocrisy hiding one's true intention. The Moon in Libra child may perceive the mother as lovely and sociable, or see the mother as the balancing factor in the family, unless other aspects to the moon show discordant energy with the moon expressing as needing balance.

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